Shuttle line to Eiland Zwijnaarde


Starting February 1st, the trajectory to Eiland Zwijnaarde / Axxes Business Park will undergo some changes. From then onwards there will be a continuous shuttle line from Ghent-Sint-Pieters to Eiland Zwijnaarde. You can consult the renewed driving schedule here.

Because of these changes, the number of boarding times will quadruple. There will not only be more scheduled rides, they will also be more varied throughout the day. Between 07:45 and 10:00 am and 16 and 18 pm there will be a bus every 15 minutes.

Commuters need no longer make any reservations. Pending a scanning process via Mbus, commuters will temporarily need to communicate the name of their employer to the bus driver.

Starting February 28th, you will no longer be able to stop at Axxes Business Park. Until that time you can book your seat to Axxes Business Park via the Mbus application.