NO Max Mobiel anymore from 19/03/2020 !


Due to hardened measures that are taken in regards to the Corona virus, Max Mobiel is forced to discontinue its service. Last days Max Mobiel did his utmost to keep the occupation to a minimum, but we cannot guarantee the 1.5m 'social distance' measure.

So no more Max Mobiel until Sunday April 5, 2020.

All reservations from tomorrow Thursday 19/03 will be removed from the system and will therefore not be carried out. On the shuttle line ‘Gent Dampoort-Zeehaven-Oost’ we still guarantee the return journey at 22:10, trips that "go over the night" are no longer carried out (= 15:05, 16:00; 20:35; 21:20).

We hope to be up and running as soon as possible, until that time we wish you all a good fortune and health.

NO Max Mobiel anymore !

From 19/03/2020...

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