A few words...


What does Max Mobiel do?

Max Mobiel efficiently arranges the transport to and from work.

In other words: Max Mobiel organises collective employee transport in the Ghent region. We bundle commuters to and from different companies on one (industrial) site and bring them to the front door of their company. By departing from strategically chosen mobi-places Max Mobiel serves as an extra to the public transport network.

Max Mobiel proudly focuses on these three perspectives:

  • Social pillar: creating indirect employment opportunities, help fill vacancies.
  • Mobility: reduce traffic and create more traffic safety
  • Ecological pillar: more collective transport = less cars = less exhaust fumes = less C02 = better for the climate

Max Mobiel: for whom?

For those who wish to reduce the mobility cost
For those who have no car and wish to reach work easily
For those who do not feel like using a bicycle when the weather is bad
For those who wish to choose a sustainable mode of transport to work
Feel like hopping on board?

For every company that focuses on sustainability
For every company that is not easily reachable
For every company that wishes to provide its employees a comfortable alternative
For every company that has a hard time filling that one vacancy
For every company that would like to see an end to its overcrowded parking lot
What can Max Mobiel do for your company?