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What does Max Mobiel do?

Having trouble getting to your workplace? Forget your worries with Max Mobiel! We provide shuttle services to job sites that are not easily accessible by public transportation. Commuting with Max Mobiel creates employment and reduces traffic. We care about people, creating the opportunity to get to your workplace. We also care about the environment, because our collective passenger transport protects the climate.

Max Mobiel pioneered demand-responsive transport in the Ghent area, en we’re happy to share our knowhow with others. When it comes to transportation, Max Mobiel is your partner of choice.

Max Mobiel: for whom?

For anyone who wants to reduce their total cost of mobility
For anyone who doesn't own a car but still wants to get to work comfortably
For anyone who doesn't feel like driving their bike when it's pouring outside
For anyone who chooses a sustainable mode of transportation
Feel like hopping on board?

For any company that focuses on sustainability
For any company that is poorly accessible
For any company that wants to provide its employees with a comfortable alternative
For any company that has a hard time filling that one vacancy
For any company that would like to see an end to its overcrowded parking lot
What can Max Mobiel do for your company?