What can Max Mobiel do for your company?


Different advantages.

No worries, we take care of everything:
  • High-quality shuttle service
  • Competitive and affordable prices
  • Environmental friendly and sustainable mode of transport
  • Optimal company accessibility for everyone
  • Less traffic
  • Less need for parking spots
  • Comfortable and stress free transport
  • Transparent reporting

Why choose Max Mobiel?

Your company deals with parking problems? The accessibility by public transport or bicycle is not optimal? Vacancies do not get filled easily? You’re looking for a new kind of mobility that brings your employees comfort and makes your company accessible to everyone?

Max Mobiel takes care of everything: provides a digital reservation module, takes care of all the necessary buses, reports the use, complaint handling, swift and clear follow up of monthly invoices, support for awareness campaigns and a continuous service improvement

How to join?

Joining Max Mobiel is easy and free of charge. After registration you will receive a reservation system login, allowing you to reserve and manage your reservations. You can choose to have your employees make reservations or, for example, allow your HR department to handle this.  

What does it cost?

Max Mobiel is very affordable.
Max Mobiel receives financial aid from the Flemish Government and the city of Ghent, allowing us to subsidize each transport. The commuting prices can be found under the 'shuttle lines'. As an employer, you determine how much your employee pays, however a small part (service cost) is in any case borne by your company. You will receive a monthly invoice for the usage of the past month, which clearly shows a breakdown of reservations - service costs.
No use = no invoice.