What can Max Mobiel do for your company?


How to join

Joining Max Mobiel is easy. Contact us by e-mail of call us at 09 274 43 74. After registration you will receive a login, allowing you to make, cancel and manage your reservations. You can opt to have your employees make reservations or, for example, allow your HR department to handle this.

How much does it cost?

Clients will be sent an invoice on a monthly basis. Two costs will be charged: ticket prices and a subscription fee. For every reservation made you will be charged with a single fare (consult shuttle lines for current ticket fares). As an employer, you determine how much your employee pays.

Secondly, you will receive a subscription fee, which in any case is borne by your company or temp agency. Your rate is based on the actual usage - the number of reservations made every month - and can vary accordingly. If your monthly use is limited to less than 10 reservations, you will not be charged with a subscription fee.

No small amount of advantages

Does your company experience parking problems? Does your site have poor accessibility by public transport or bicycle? Having trouble filling those vacancies?

Max Mobiel takes care of everything, continuously improving our service:
  • Digital reservation system
  • High-quality shuttle service
  • Competitive, affordable pricing
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transportation
  • Less need for parking spaces
  • Transparant reporting