Feel like hopping on board?


Don't feel like being stuck in traffic again? Tired of parking problems and stress? Do you have a hard time getting to your workplace because public transportation doesn't match your work schedule? Is working from home on a snowy day not an option? Then Max Mobiel might have a solution. Departing from different mobi-hubs (Gent-Sint-Pieters, Gent-Dampoort, Evergem-Station and Wondelgem-Station) Max Mobiel will drop you off right on the front door of your workplace.


As a (future) employee you can rely on Max Mobiel to make your commute as comfortable as it gets. You’ll enjoy maximum flexibility. You can use Max Mobiel once, sporadically or daily. You can book a ride yourself or have it done by HR.

Is your company/organisation not a Max Mobiel-customer, but would you like to use our services?
Ask your employer to subscribe.

Check out the ‘shuttle lines’ to find out whether Max Mobiel can provide a solution for you.