Gent Sint-Pieters   Industrieweg Wondelgem & Zeehaven-West

Industrieweg Wondelgem & Zeehaven-West   Gent Sint-Pieters


Practical information

Price €2.75 / 3.30 (onder/boven Kluizendok) per reservation + VAT 6%
Price temporary worker €2.75 per reservation + VAT 6%
Dagen monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday
not on holidays

Would you like that the Max Mobiel stops in front of your door?


Employees can reserve their seat on one of the buses.


Make a reservation on time? Check the deadlines for every ride here.
Cancel reservation after deadline = pay 50%.*


  1. Departure times without ‘?’ are applicable from Monday to Friday; ‘?’ gives more info about special departure hours.
  2. We guarantee (without significant (traffic) problems) arrival 35 minutes later.
  3. Departure times ‘BACK’ in the ‘Zeehaven-Oost’-area are ‘at the earliest’ = as from this moment the bus can stop by. Also here: we guarantee that the bus will be back at Sint-Pieters 35 minutes later.
  4. Departure times at Sint-Pieters station are the effective departure hours: be there at least 10 minutes before departure.

Gent Sint-Pieters

  • 05:15
  • 13:10

Industrieweg Wondelgem

  • 05:35
  • 13:30



  • 14:10
  • 22:10

Industrieweg Wondelgem

  • 14:25
  • 22:25

Gent Sint-Pieters

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