What our customers say


"Because of our strong collaboration with Max Mobiel, we are able to offer our employees and customers a wide range of mobility."



“Thanks to Max Mobiel, our 'artikel 60' employees can easily commute to the industrial zones in the Ghent area.”


Trajectbegeleiders, Maatgericht Activeringscentrum OCMW Gent

"Since Max Mobiel started shuttling again to Zeehaven-West, potential new employees are finding their way to our vacancies and our bottleneck vacancies are also being filled out."


HR, Van Hoorebeke Timber

“Thanks to Max Mobiel jobseekers can easily get to our training centres and find shift jobs in the North Sea Port area."



“Max Mobiel makes Gent-Zeehaven easily accessible for all of our temporary employees. Results of this close collaboration are splendid.”

 SD Worx Staffing Solutions

SD Worx Staffing Solutions

“As a driver I want to take people safely to their workplaces, every day.”

Cris Dheere

Cris Dheere, V-tax

“Thanks to the Max Mobiel shuttles more people are being connected to public transportation.”

 Milieuadviseur Mobiliteit en Energie

Milieuadviseur Mobiliteit en Energie, Pieter Van Vooren, UGent

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