Using Mbus to get to Eiland Zwijnaarde


Commuters going to Eiland Zwijnaarde will face some changes starting September 1st, 2022.

  • Commuters will be asked to use our app Mbus. Simply download for free, register your account and ask your employer to give you access to the shuttle line. Show your QR code to the driver and enjoy your ride!
    Employers will receive a manual to set up the Mbus backoffice.
  • Max Mobiel will be using an new bus stop at Gent-Sint-Pieters station. It is located in the Kiss and Ride section (photo added). Click here for its exact coordinates.
  • There will also be some small changes tot he timetable. Starting September 1st, there will once again be a shuttle bus driving to Eiland Zwijnaarde every 15 minutes. Upon request, an evening shuttle from Eiland Zwijnaarde to the station was added at 18.30h. Please consult the updated driving schedule here.

Have you experienced inconveniences using Mbus? Consult our flyer or get in touch with us.