Temporarily altered bus route at Tech Lane Campus A


As part of the redesign of the entire Campus Ardoyen there will be multiple phases of construction works.

On the 20th of October the first phase will commence. In this phase the road, footpaths, roadsides and street lighting in the area between the roundabout and Fujirebio will be renewed. These works are scheduled for completion in spring 2022.

As a result of these works, part of the road will be closed off (construction site zone) and two-way traffic will be installed on the other roads.

The Max Mobiel route will be modified as a result.

In the following order, the bus will stop at:

  • Stop 1: temporary stop at BASF
  • Stop 2: existing stop at the Bio-accelerator
  • Stop 3: temporary stop at iGhent

Each stop is for getting off in the morning and getting on in the evening.

For example, if you have to be in the iGent tower in the morning, you will have to make the loop, go via Stop 1 en 2 to get off at Stop 3.

The hourly schedule will be maintained.