New stop going to Zeehaven-Oost


Starting December 1st, we are relocating the bus stop on the trajectory Gent-Dampoort -> Zeehaven-Oost. The temporary bus stop Ibis Hotel will be dismantled; boarding will take place at Dampoort Antwerpenplein platform 3.

The new stop is located at the northernmost bus stop for De Lijn at Antwerpenplein. There will be shelter, lighting and trash bins provided near this stop. Please advise the following information:

  • Parking your bicycle/motorbike/moped near this stop is not allowed. There is ample parking space for (motor)bikes at Gent-Dampoort Station. Consult the map to locate the parking spaces.
  • Please follow the instructions to walk or bike to the new stop.
  • Consider the time needed to proceed from the railway station to the bus stop. There are no changes to the driving schedule.

Until further notice, we expect to make this change at midnight December 1st. The buses going back at 00:10 and going to the port at 00:35 will make a final stop at Ibis Hotel, while the bus departing at 04:30 will start at Antwerpenplein platform 3.