Max Mobiel goes 100% for 50% occupancy!


As a result of the new strict measures regarding the COVID19 pandemic, Max Mobiel will only fill half its shuttles from Monday, November 2, for at least 1 month.

We are not obliged to do this, but we gladly take care of the commuters and our drivers. We will also do everything we can to keep this up for as long as possible and to do it unlimitedly, but we ask something instead:

  1. Respect even more than now the deadlines: we will have to use almost twice as many vehicles, planning on the part of the transporter is now even more difficult. Also this gives you a guarantee on a ticket!
  2. So use the option "last places" (= reservation after deadline) less. Might sound strange but due to the half occupancy a vehicle will make fewer stops, which means that it is less likely to fill up buses using those "last places".
  3. Encourage your employees who are not yet doing it, to use the app: even if you (employer) make the reservations yourself, this app provides a lot of useful information these days: just refresh on the spot and then they discover the license plate of the bus, the exact stop , whether he is coming or has already passed ...
  4. Be on time: 10 minutes before departure time is ideal.
  5. Respect the well-known Corona rules: disinfect your hands again before entering the bus, always wear your face mask correctly (even when you are near a Max Mobiel and the drivers) and stay away if you are or feel ill. Max Mobiel drivers have the right to deny a commuter access to a bus if these agreements are not respected.

Can you help keep the Max Mobiel running these days in this way? 1000x thanks and good luck to you during this difficult period. Keep it safe!