Register first, book your ride later!


In order to fully use our fleet’s capacity, we need commuters to make a reservation on our shuttle lines.
No reservations made = no buses = no costs.

Making reservations is easy. Choose your option below.

1. My employer is not registered yet

Convince your employer to sign up to Max Mobiel for easy registration and invoicing.
Should your employer require more information, please ask your HR department to contact us.

2. My employer is already registered

Download the Mbus app and provide your HR department with the ID number that appears below your QR code. Your employer can then decide to authorize you to make reservations yourself.

There is no reservation module for the trajectory ‘Gent Sint-Pieters -> Tech Lane Ghent Science Park Campus A’. In order to make a reservation please contact your HR department, generate your QR-code and have it scanned on the bus.